The Personnel Unit is responsible for, and to, the Sheriff's Office employees. Coordinating directly with the Oneida County Personnel Department, the Sheriff's Personnel Unit acquires and maintains employment records for all personnel employed by the Sheriff's Office.

Persons interested in employment with the Sheriff's Office should begin the process by visiting the Oneida County Personnel Department website.

The Sheriff's Office employs these various job titles
Chief Deputy (Corrections)
Chief Deputy (Operations)
Chief Deputy (Task Force)
Correction Officer
Correction Officer, Investigator
Correction Officer, Captain
Correction Officer, Lieutenant
Correction Officer, Sergeant
Correctional Services Aide
Court Attendant
Court Security Officer
Deputy Sheriff Civil
Deputy Sheriff Civil-Lieutenant
Deputy Sheriff Civil-Sergeant
Deputy Sheriff - Asst. Sheriff
Deputy Sheriff Patrol
Deputy Sheriff Patrol (Seasonal)
Deputy Sheriff Patrol, Captain
Deputy Sheriff Patrol, Lieutenant
Deputy Sheriff Patrol, Sergeant
Deputy Sheriff Patrol, Corporal
Deputy Sheriff, Investigator
Office Manager
Principal Account Clerk
Principal Accounting Supervisor
Principal Clerk
Secretary to Sheriff
Senior Clerk
Special Patrol Officer