Chief Deputy Lisa Zurek - Corrections Division

Chief Zurek

Chief Deputy Lisa Zurek began her career with the Oneida County Sheriff's Office in 1994. Following her time as a Correction Officer she was promoted to Sergeant in 2005 and to Lieutenant in 2010. During this time she worked in a myriad of capacities in Corrections. In 2017 Zurek was promoted to Captain assigned to oversee the administrative responsibilities of the Correction Division. In September of 2019 she was Promoted to Chief Deputy responsible for command of the entire Correction Division.

During her tenure, Chief Zurek was assigned to the Inmate Programs Unit of the Corrections Division responsible for educational program, horticulture program, religious services, substance abuse support, work programs, Library Services and other programs essential to the inmates of the Oneida County Correctional facility.

Chief Zurek has been recognized on numerous occasions during her time with he Sheriff's Office and has been awarded the Executive Education Citation, Educational Achievement Citation, Good Conduct Citation (5 times), Ready Commendation, Promotion of Grade Citation, Grand Cordon Medal (2 times ), Honorable Service Medal, Exceptional Service Medal and has been issued citations for service during the Woodstock 1999 detail in Rome NY and the 2018 Presidential Security Detail.

Chief Zurek is a graduate of Eastern Gateway Community College holding an Associate in Applied Science Degree in Business Management.