Frequently Asked Questions

General FAQs:

  • How do I obtain a Sheriff's Office patch, hat, logo, etc?
    Patches, hats, logos, insignia and other equipment and clothing items are not available for trade or sale; to police or civilians. 
  • What are the driving directions to the Sheriff's Office?
    See the directions page. 
  • What is the Sheriff's Office address?
    6065 Judd Road Oriskany NY 13424. See the contact page for other addresses. 

Correction FAQs:

  • Are the terms "inmate" and "prisoner" synonymous? 
    A prisoner is a person who is in custody and who is not free to leave. For example; when a person is arrested and handcuffed, they are a prisoner. An inmate is a prisoner who has been committed to the Correctional Facility. An inmate is always a prisoner, but a prisoner is not always an inmate. 
  • How do I become a Correction Officer?
    See the Correction Officer page. 
  • Is this the Oneida County Jail website?
    Yes. We are also known as: Oneida County Correction Facility, Oneida County Correctional Facility, OCJ, OCCF and Oriskany Jail. 

Law Enforcement FAQs:

  • How do I become a Deputy Sheriff?
    See the Law Enforcement Deputy page. 
  • How do I obtain a Pistol Permit?
    See the Pistol Permits page.
  • How do I obtain a copy of a Police Report?
    See the Patrol Records page. 
  • Is this the Oneida County Sheriff's Department website?
    Yes. We are also known as: Oneida County Sheriff Department, Oneida County Sheriff Office, Oneida County Sheriff's Office, OCS, OCSD and OCSO. 

Website FAQs: 

  • My name is on the Warrants List. This must be a mistake. How do I get my name removed?
    This is a common problem. We apologize. To have the mistake corrected, you must personally appear at the main Sheriff’s Office or a Field Office. Show a Deputy proof of identification and explain the mistake. The Warrants List will be updated within 24 hours. 
  • Where is the Communications Unit page?
    The Sheriff's Office does not have a Communications Unit. Since 1995, the emergency communications function is handled by the Oneida County Department of Emergency Services (911 Center). 
  • Why are there no e-mail addresses listed on this site?
    Past experience has shown that our website generates little legitimate e-mail compared to the quantity of spam e-mail. We provide contact phone numbers instead. If you need to e-mail something, you will have to call for an e-mail address. If you e-mail the Webmaster for non website related matters, it is certain your e-mail will be deleted and you will not receive a response.
  • Why are the incidents on the Police Blotter page filtered?
    The entries are filtered to exclude incidents that are sensitive in nature. Examples are: Deaths, Narcotics Investigations, Sexual Assaults, etc.