Sheriffs of Oneida County

Sheriffs of Oneida County * Dates reflect time served in the Sheriffalty

1.   1798                Col. William Cobrath                       appointed as the first Sheriff of Oneida County

2.   1799                Sheriff Elizur Mosley

3.   1800-1802       Sheriff Charles C. Broadhead         appointed to office by the Governor and serve under the amended State
                                                                                      Constitution to a three year term.

4.   1803-1806       Sheriff James S. Kipp

5.   1807                Sheriff Benajah Merrrill

6.   1808-1809       Sheriff James S. Kipp

7.   1810                Sheriff Benajah Merrrill

8.   1811-1814       Sheriff James S. Kipp

9.   1815-1819       Sheriff Apollos Cooper                     Under Sheriff John B. Pease

10. 1819-1820       Sheriff John B. Pease

11. 1821-1825       Sheriff John E. Hinman                   Became the first elected Sheriff of Oneida County in 1822.

12. 1826-1828       Sheriff David Pierson

13. 1829-1831       Sheriff John E. Hinman

14. 1832-1834       Sheriff Samuel M. Mott

14. 1835-1837       Sheriff Erastus Willard

16. 1838-1840       Sheriff Lyman Curtis

17. 1841                Sheriff David Moulton

18. 1842                Sheriff Theodore S. Faxton

19. 1843                Sheriff Israel S. Parker                    Under Sheriff Edward Eames

20. 1844-1846       Sheriff Palmer V. Kellogg                Under Sheriff John S. Ray

21. 1847-1849       Sheriff Lester Baker                        Under Sheriff Edward Eames

22. 1850-1852       Sheriff John R. Jones                     Under Sheriff Henry B. Ostrom

23. 1853-1855       Sheriff Hugh Crocker                      Under Sheriff Hubbard C. Pond

24. 1856-1858       Sheriff Calvin Hall                           Under Sheriff L.S. Wood

25. 1859-1861       Sheriff William J. McKown              Under Sheriff John S. Ray

26. 1862-1863       Sheriff Hugh Crocker                      Under Sheriff John S. Ray

27.  1864-1866       Sheriff D.B. Danforth                      Under Sheriff James C. Donaldson

28. 1867-1869       Sheriff George F. Weaver              Under Sheriff James C. Donaldson

29. 1870-1873       Sheriff Lewis Gaylord                     Under Sheriff James C. Donaldson
                                                                                     Under Sheriff Glen Petrie

30. 1874-1876       Sheriff George Benedict                 Under Sheriff Glen Petrie

31. 1877-1879       Sheriff Frederick G. Weaver           Under Sheriff Van Rensselear Weaver
                              (Son of former Sheriff, George F. Weaver)

32. 1880-1882       Sheriff Francis X. Meyers                Under Sheriff George W. Roberts
                                                                                      Under Sheriff F.X. Meyers Jr.

33. 1883-1885       Sheriff Thomas D. Penfield             Under Sheriff I. Stoddard Penfield

34. 1886-1888       Sheriff John Batchelor                     Under Sheriff Fred Batchelor

35. 1889-1891       Sheriff Thomas Wheeler                  Under Sheriff John Batchelor 

36. 1892-1894       Sheriff John C. Schreiber                Under Sheriff John C. Fulmer

37. 1895-1897       Sheriff Van Rensselaer Weaver      Under Sheriff William G. Reese

38. 1898-1900       Sheriff William H. Reese                 Under Sheriff Patrick F. Foley

39. 1901-1903       Sheriff Lincoln D. Brownell              Under Sheriff Patrick F. Foley

40. 1904-1906       Sheriff Samuel H. Jones                  Under Sheriff Leonard Drake

41. 1907-1909       Sheriff Frederick Gillmore                Under Sheriff Leonard Drake
                                                                                       Under Sheriff Joseph Hamlin

42. 1910-1912       Sheriff Daniel P. Becker                  Under Sheriff Harry J. Moss

43. 1913-1914       Sheriff William T. Donnelly              Under Sheriff Edward E. Donohue

44. 1915                Sheriff Harry Moss                           Under Sheriff Charles H.F. Agne

45. 1916                Sheriff William K. Harvey                 Under Sheriff Charles H.F. Agne

46. 1917-1919       Sheriff Herbert L. Sweet                  Under Sheriff William J. Jones

47. 1920-1922       Sheriff Arthur W. Pickard                 Under Sheriff Harold L. Clarke

48. 1923-1925       Sheriff Frederick L. Meiss                Under Sheriff William J. Jones

49. 1926-1928       Sheriff John G. Thomas                   Under Sheriff William J. Jones

50. 1929-1931       Sheriff Richard W. Thomas              Under Sheriff Fred W. Clark

51. 1932-1934       Sheriff Albert E. Ellinger                   Under Sheriff William A. McElhinney

52. 1935-1936       Sheriff Chauncey J. Williams           Under Sheriff Herbert L. Sweet

53. 1937-1942       Sheriff J. Bradbury German Jr.        Under Sheriff Herbert L. Sweet
                                                                                       Under Sheriff Fred L. Meiss

54. 1943-1950       Sheriff Wm. R. Williams                   Under Sheriff Fred L. Meiss
                                                                                       Under Sheriff Chas T. Williams

55. 1951-1959       Sheriff Charles T. Baker                   Under Sheriff Chas T. Williams
                                                                                       Under Sheriff Harry Scott

56. 1960-1967       Sheriff Archie G. Eastman                Under Sheriff Robert W. Ingalls

57. 1968-1973       Sheriff Joseph A. Piccola                  Under Sheriff William Hasenauer

58. 1973-1990       Sheriff William A. Hasenauer            Under Sheriff Stanley Kolasz 
                              (First Sheriff to serve 4 year terms)  Under Sheriff Ross F. Simeral
                                                                                        Under Sheriff Robert W. Ingalls II

william hasenauer image

59. 1991-1994       Sheriff Gerald F. Washburn              Under Sheriff Pasquale D. Lagatta
                                                                                        Lt. John Allen (Acting Under Sheriff)

gerald washburn image

60. 1995-2010       Sheriff Daniel G.  Middaugh             Under Sheriff M. Peter Paravati

daniel middaugh image

61. 2011-              Sheriff Robert M. Maciol                   Under Sheriff Robert S. Swenszkowski
                                                                                       Under Sheriff Joseph A. Lisi
Robert Maciol image